7 Apps To Find Tickets And Deals For Last Minute Events

You encourage your team, meet other loyal fans and beers and nachos can’t hurt either. But as much fun as it is to go to a game, the experience can also be expensive. Buying tickets online can be frustrating when your seats end up in a completely different area than you pga event tickets thought they were at the time of purchase. Ticketmaster has some of the most reasonable rates for sports tickets, but we found that ticket prices fluctuated depending on the event. In one case, a ticket that most other sites traded for about $10 was on sale for $23.

A sports pass with season football guest card contains the details of the previous sports pass plus a prepaid guest card for each home football match. The ticket is revoked at the same time as the student tickets are withdrawn and the guest ticket holder is in the student area. Make a plan for how you’ll allow people to come and buy tickets on the day of the event. Set up a ticket office or turn your phone into a ticketing and scanning terminal with a free app.

Unlike the All-Star Game, M.L.B. doesn’t have a lottery ticket for a national audience, so fans hoping to participate will have a hard time finding tickets at face value. The best option is to see if participating teams are offering some sort of presale event for fans on their mailing list. In addition, just log in to the team site on the day tickets are released and hope for the best. Vivid Seats promo codes can be redeemed throughout the site unless otherwise noted. Use our Vivid Seats coupons for tickets to concerts, sporting events, comedy shows, theater tickets, musicals, circus shows and more.

Save on the latest concerts, festivals, musicals, sporting events and more. Dynamic ticket pricing allows teams to make more money by selling tickets at a wide range of prices and seats. This means that a ticket in the “bloody nose” seats of a stadium is significantly less than the middle seats. In addition, home games versus away games and popular opponents in dynamic prices are also taken into account.

Military customers can purchase tickets to see their favorite sports teams and live music artists at a low price with exclusive military discounts. Explore the military event ticket deals below to find the best deal on your next outing. Looking for cheap sports tickets, you have many options for online sports ticket sites. Not only do we have the ability to buy sports tickets for almost any team that plays every game, but we also offer the best value. A season ticket, also known as season tickets, gives the pass holder access to all home games that their team plays during the regular season.

In limited circumstances, Ticketmaster becomes a ticket holder and can resell a ticket. For example, we may have received tickets from an event organizer as part of a sponsorship agreement, or a fan may return tickets to our fan center. Congratulations, you’ve found the best place to buy sports tickets online! At Ticket Club, members save a lot on tickets to sporting events with no service fees and we have access to the best seats in the house.

While you can often find cheap tickets near the event date on these sites, one thing to keep in mind is that many still have service fees. It’s usually not as high as what Ticketmaster charges, but it’s good to be aware of it. If you can wait until the day before or the day of an event, you’re likely saving money on tickets.

Ticketmaster has its own deals page where you can filter deals for 2-for-1 tickets, 4-pack tickets and tickets under $40. You can also get a 50% discount on selected tickets with Ticketmaster promo code TMNTX. Be sure to check this site often for rotating offers for sporting events, musicals, plays, concerts, and more. Like the All-Star Game, most tickets to playoff games and the World Series are reserved for season ticket holders for the home team.

Let’s start with the search for cheap movie tickets to get out of the sun and get into an air conditioner. As younger generations continue to choose experiences over material things, Gametime aims to find an easier and faster way to get into live events. With 60 percent of all Gametime purchases occurring within 36 hours of an event, the demand for last-minute tickets is clear. As this behavior grows, the company sees LastCall as a response to the spontaneous lifestyle of its fans.

How To Watch Ppv Events Live Without Cable

Published on November 3rd, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi

How To Watch PPV Events Live Without Cable

People in the US are slowly migrating to online subscription-based streaming services instead of paying for an overpriced cable TV connection with fewer features. Now, if you have decided to do the same, you might wonder how you can watch various pay-per-view events without cable.

Some services can help you watch popular PPV events, which we are going to discuss extensively in this article. Each service has its own set of pros and cons in terms of exclusivity, but it depends on the agreements between the PPV sponsors. If you want to know more about these services, proceed further in the article for watching PPV on firestick.

Watch Pay-per-view on ESPN+

ESPN+ is currently one of the cheapest sports streaming services available. The service recently acquired the rights over UFC events in the US. If you are a hardcore UFC fan, you can watch all the main fight events live at HD from the ESPN+ Pay-Per-View section without cable. Unfortunately, ESPN+ does not have DVR support, but you can access the broadcasted content later on-demand anyways.

ESPN+ app is available for download on Android, iOS, Apple TV, PS4, XONE, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and other platforms. You can stream on three devices simultaneously.

ESPN+ Pricing

Watch Pay-per-view on Sling TV

Cord-cutters love Sling TV because of its wallet-friendly subscriptions. While it does have pay-per-view content available, the service did not have an official support guide on it until a week ago. So if you aren’t familiar with Sling TV, it has 50+ live TV channels and additional channel add-ons.

Sling TV also offers PPV events such as wrestling, boxing, martial arts, and other special events. You can purchase a PPV event from the Rentals tab in the Sling TV app. You can also do it through the official sling website by signing in to your account, then selecting Event on the My Account page.

Sling TV does have Cloud DVR, but you will be able to access the purchased event later from the Sling PPV section of the app.

Similar to ESPN+, Sling TV supports most of the media streaming devices, but the number of devices you can watch an event simultaneously depends on the broadcaster.

Sling TV Pricing

Watch Pay-per-view on Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription ($12.99/month), not only you can get Prime shipping and early access to lightning deals but also stream movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals on Prime Video.

You can also purchase specific pay-per-view events, mostly the UFC, SCB, and MMA ones through Prime Video. Just search for the PPV event you want to watch in Amazon and complete your payment. If you’re going to watch archived events, you also have the option to rent the video.

Most of the PPV events on Prime Video are priced between $30-$70 in the US. It is costly, but you can stream in HD at 60 frames-per-second.

Watch Pay-per-view on UFC & WWE Network

Some UFC and WWE pay-per-view events are exclusively available on the official platforms.

For UFC fights, go to ufc.tv and check out the event calendar and pre-order PPV events. You can also get the Fight Pass ($9.99/month) for streaming live and on-demand UFC matches.

For WWE matches, visit wwe.com/wwenetwork and pay $9.99/month for live WWE pay-per-view events and unlimited access to other premium content. The first month is free, and you can cancel anytime.

Both services are available for every major streaming platforms.


In this guide, we have showcased a few services for watching PPV events without cable. We have also included pricing to help you decide. We expect to see more options for viewing PPV events in the near future.

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