Candidate Relationship Management – An Expense or Investment?

The company’s needs for talented people will always exist, and the pressure on hiring managers to hire the best professionals in the shortest possible time will increase day by day. A common tendency to overcome this pressure from hiring managers is to advertise more, subscribe to more job portals and hold more job fairs. But these actions do not produce results commensur with costs.

One of the well-known principles of customer relationship management is that it is cheaper to maintain existing relationships than to acquire new ones. This also applies to managing relationships with a candidate. When recruiters need to fill a new position, finding a contact database that has been scanned in the past will yield results faster than if we started again with the requirements in mind. The candidate database should not be kept as a series of simple summaries. It is widely believed among recruiters that the CV becomes obsolete after 3 months. This is true because its value and accuracy are diminished if a candidate changes positions, changes positions, achieves higher qualifications, changes email identifiers and phone numbers. However, with a well-defined process of relationship with candidates, recruiters can turn a resume database into a knowledge base that helps them meet the needs of the organization in a timely manner when recruitment needs arise.

Well-used practice of managing relationships with candidates with structured candidate information stored in the candidate database allows for automatic access to candidates contacted by past and current procurement operations to communicate with the candidate. The cost of attracting each candidate is greatly reduced by using the existing database of candidates for sale.

A good hiring and selection automation system, supported by the management of relationships with candidates, not only meets business goals, but also helps to build a brand. Online recruitment allows applicants to access the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). There are no time limits, so those who cannot apply for employment during normal working hours can also apply after hours. In addition to being available 24/7, candidates can effectively apply for the most suitable job. This reduces response time and dial time.

The candidate relationship database typically maintains relationships with candidates through employment agents and automatic responses. Applicants will be able to receive notifications about the appearance of a new job corresponding to their skills/aspirations when downloading their resume. The employment agent notification, which is sent periodically, encourages the candidate to return to the company’s website and stay in touch with his latest resume.

Any communication with the candidate generates an automatic response to the candidate by email, so that he has confirmation of the published resume, status updates when his resume is sent and reviewed by the company, the interview schedule, etc.

The candidate relationship database system includes features that automatically identify missing or outdated information and request it from applicants by email. Act as a complete solution for recruitment.

Candidates will receive holiday greetings, birthday greetings and news related to their area to stay in touch.

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