Haroon Mallana assistant director of it the islamic university of Bahawalpur

Haroon Mallana is a name synonymous with excellence in the field of Information Technology. With vast experience in the IT industry, he has shown remarkable skills in managing and leading new organizations. With his exceptional skills and expertise, he has successfully planned and implemented different IT-related projects and programs.

Haroon’s experience in administration and senior level management has been instrumental in leading and managing IT-related projects. He has shown great skills in strategic planning, leadership, and management in the IT field. He has been a valuable asset to the Punjab Information Technology Board’s program e-Rozgaar, where he controlled management and supervised operations and maintenance.

Mallana has also been involved in building government relations, media projection, planning, and implementation at different levels. He has played a pivotal role in promoting and implementing public-private partnership programs in Southern Punjab, including e-Rozgaar, Plan9, e-Earn, and NFTP. His dedication to developing the less developed areas of Southern Punjab has made him a social activist.

In 2021, Haroon Mallana joined The Islamia University of Bahawalpur as an Assistant Director IT, where he continues to contribute to the development of the IT field. His extensive experience and knowledge make him a valuable member of the team. With his impressive track record, he is expected to make significant contributions to the university’s IT department.

Haroon Mallana’s expertise in IT and his passion for social activism have made him an exceptional leader. He has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between the developed and less developed areas of the country. His experience in leading IT-related projects has helped many organizations achieve their goals.

Haroon Mallana is a Tech-Gem, Startup Planner, and Social Activist who has made significant contributions to the IT industry. His vast experience, exceptional skills, and dedication to social activism have made him a valuable asset to any organization he has worked for. His work in promoting and implementing public-private partnership programs in Southern Punjab has helped bridge the gap between the developed and less developed areas of the country. His recent appointment at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is a testament to his expertise and leadership skills in the field of IT.

Apart from his other roles and contributions, Haroon Mallana has also played a significant role as a core team member of the Digital South Punjab event. This event was aimed at promoting the use of digital technology in the less developed areas of Southern Punjab. Mallana’s extensive experience in the IT field made him a valuable member of the core team that organized and managed the event.

As a core team member, Mallana was responsible for planning and implementing different aspects of the event. He played a pivotal role in selecting and inviting speakers, arranging logistics, and managing the event’s overall operations. His experience in event management and coordination was vital to the success of the Digital South Punjab event.
The event was a huge success, with many IT experts and enthusiasts participating and sharing their knowledge and expertise. The event helped raise awareness about the importance of digital technology and its potential in the less developed areas of Southern Punjab. The event also provided a platform for networking and collaboration among IT professionals and organizations.

Rebranding your website for a new era!


Introduction: If you’re looking to update your website for the new era, you need to start with a clear vision and strategy. You don’t want just any old website—you want the best possible website relaunch for your business. That means investing in a good design and creating an engaging experience. After all, people are going to visit your website for a number of reasons, not just to buy products or services. Topping off your website redesign should be an easy process, but it can be harder than it seems. Here’s how to get started:

How to Rebrand Your Website.

When you decide to rebrand your website, it’s important to choose the right strategy. Just as with any other marketing campaign, you want to ensure that your new branding strategy is effective and efficient. Here are some tips to help you select the right Rebranding Strategy:

1. Look for a web design that can support your new branding goals. A good web design can help create a professional and catchy website that will be easy on the eyes and popular with viewers.

2. Make sure your site is well organized and balanced. Your new website should be designed in a way that allows for easy navigation and browsing.

3. Use keywords and related phrases throughout your site in order to get people looking for specific content first rather than general information.

4. Keep your site updated with fresh content and changes so that users stay interested in what you have to offer.

5. Use social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to keep people up-to-date on all of the latest Developments with your brand!

How to Increase Your Site’s Traffic.

One of the most important factors for driving traffic to your website is understanding how to increase traffic. Here are some tips for getting more online traffic:

2. Use relevant keywords in your content. The more you know about your audience, the better you can target your content and promote it to them.

3. Try out different marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, and paid ads. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider before making a decision.

4. Optimize your site for SEO by using the right tools and techniques. By optimizing your site for search engine visibility and optimizing your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can increase the visibility of your site and attract better organic traffic from search engines.

How to Increase Your Site’s Click-Through Rate.

When you’re up for a new era of website design, it’s important to find the right tips and techniques to increase your site’s click-through rate. In this section, you’ll learn some of the most common ways to increase click-through rates and keep your visitors coming back.

Some tips that can help improve your click-through rate include using proactive social media marketing strategies, creating engaging content, and optimizing your website for search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, remember to make sure your website looks good and keeps users engaged with fresh content.

Increase Your Site’s Retention Rate

To keep your visitors coming back, you also need to create a loyal following and retention rate is one of the most important factors when designing a successful online presence. In this section, you’ll learn how to increase the likelihood that visitors will stay on your site for longer periods of time. Some effective methods for retaining customers include providing valuable content or features on a regular basis, offering customer support through chat or email options, and usinghmapline solutions or other customer service measures.


Rebranding your website can help increase traffic, click-through rates, and retention rates. By using the right resources, optimizing your site for SEO, and implementing a promotional strategy, you can ensure that your website is successful in reaching a wider audience.

Introduction to the TIG Welding Method

Proper information on the welding process is necessary for those who wish to learn welding and also for those who wish to improvise their welding skills. Most often people are interested to begin a career in welding and some others would like to take their career to a new level. Basically welding is the process in which base metal parts are melted and joined using a filler material which has the same characteristics of the parent metal. Welding is conducted using different sources like gas flame, laser, electric beam etc. There are different types of welders namely Arc welders, MIG welders, TIG welders and Gas welders. Among these types, TIG welding is considered as one of the most difficult type to learn and master.

TIG welding is considered as the most flexible type of welding as it can blend all conventional metals like Carbon and low alloy steels, stainless steel, Magnesium Based Master Alloy, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, cobalt, and copper alloys. TIG welders otherwise known as the Tungsten Inert Gas Welders uses an arc which is created from non-consumable tungsten. The heat for the welding process is generated using electric current. This type of welding has many advantages like its high amperage allows welding of metals with great thickness. Other advantages include the concerns related to purity of metal and cleaning.

It is not at all an easy task to master TIG welding. Generally all the other welding methods allow the welder to simply manage with one hand. But this method requires intense attention and focus. The process involves great amount of concentration as the welders use both the hands to manage the welding area while adding the filler material to the surface. Moreover, it is highly equipment centric. For protecting the welding area from airborne contaminants, the welding uses inert gases such as argon. Due to this process, the welding would be clean and precise.

Right amount of precautions that are usually taken while performing any welding methods are always advised in TIG welding as it could be dangerous if performed carelessly. The welding brings in large intensity of light and if the eyes are directly exposed, it results in the burning of retina called as arc-eye. A face guard to shield the eye from direct exposure to intense levels of light is a must for all the welders. The whole body should be properly covered during welding as the exposed light carries UV radiation that is harmful to the skin.

TIG welding is usually used in the automobile and space craft industries since the finished materials and alloys created using the welding method are highly corrosion and cracking resistant even over a long period of time. Like all other types of welding, the TIG welding also becomes easier with practice. For a beginner, it is suggested that he must practice with scrap metal stock before attempting any real projects. This type of welding is highly sophisticated and is usually expensive than the other types as the beginners hesitate to buy the welding kit. However, the high price is worth as the product carries a number of benefits compared to any other.

Auto Parts – Quality Matters Most

Vehicles are extreme machines that demand nothing but the powerful and authentic auto parts to serve your needs. Auto parts are the essential elements to run a vehicle’s machine and thus their quality means a lot to any driver. As we have already mentioned that vehicles are extreme machines, there are thousands of small and big parts playing role to enhance the speed and performance of the vehicle.

The parts relate to each other and many times the performance of one part also depends upon the other part. So, you can easily understand how important could be the smallest part of this machine. The scope of auto accessories is really wide where there are different auto parts for different vehicles and models.

One such useful auto parts are temperature sender or the temperature sensors that sense engine temperature and then send this information to the computer which in turn send this information to the various other sensors and drives of the engine to make sure that your vehicle’s engine run smoothly. It helps the computer to judge how much fuel to allow in to the engine, it can also run the gauge on the dash.

Choosing the right temperature sender is very important as it could affect both the accuracy and stability of the whole temperature control system. There are mainly two types of temperature sensor: namely Thermocouples and RTD’s (Resistive Temperature Detectors). However there are some more choices available like, hand held temperature probes and thermal switches. Also available in the market is the various types of temperature sender accessories that includes connectors, fittings, terminal heads and selector switches.

Another useful auto part is a vapor canister that being a container full of charcoal absorbs vapors from the fuel tank, and depending on the vehicle, also vapors from the carburetor, and other fuel handling items. The absorbed evaporation fumes are then sent to the engine to be burned up with the air/fuel mixture to prevent engine getting too warm to affect the performance of the vehicle. The whole process is controlled through a computer just like in case of temperature senders and the purpose of using these units in a vehicle is to eliminate those fumes from being released into the atmosphere.

Authentic and genuine Auto parts machining and accessories can do wonder for any vehicle, ensuring speed and safety at the same time for the driver. So, it is very important to search for the dealer that can provide you the genuine auto parts in the competitive prices. There are some dealers online that deal in genuine auto parts and thus help drivers to enhance the performance of their vehicle.