Exam Preparation

She will use her skills to create the best possible study guide to help her reach the final. While we are discussing taking notes, I encourage you to take notes on paper if you can. A 2014 study published in Psychological Science found that students taking notes on laptops were not performing very well in conceptual concept tests compared to students taking notes by hand. No matter how long your attention is paid, there is a limit to how long you can really focus on difficult concepts or complex mental tasks.

But just as you haven’t learned to read or subtract in one day, you may need more than a few days to understand the new material at the university level. Think of this as part of the learning journey, rather than a reflection of your intelligence. They are easy to make, easy to transport, easy to disable for a quick study session and are a more effective way to study than just reading note pages. Creating your own flash cards is particularly effective because you will only remember more information by writing it on the cards. For any topic where you need to remember connections between terms and information, such as formulas, vocabulary, equations or historical data, maps are the right choice. We recommend using the Cascade method when studying with vocabulary cards as this is the fastest way to learn all the material on the cards.

For each formula, type the formula, add notes when to use it, and add an example problem that uses the formula. When your next math test arrives, you have a handy guide to the most important information you have learned. College is challenging in many ways, and even the best high schools may not be preparing you enough for university academics. Many high school students, even those in AP or honors programs, studied at least and did very well, but this is not the case for the university. However, studying successfully at the university does not mean that you have to memorize hours and hours in the library.

Para extender el estudio and períodos cortos de tiempo durante varios días y semanas, necesita control sobre su horario. Mantener una lista de tareas para completar diariamente lo ayudará a incluir sesiones de estudio activas regulares para cada clase. Sea específico y realista con respecto a cuánto tiempo planea gastar en cada tarea: no debe tener más tareas en su lista de las que puede completar razonablemente durante el día. Condemn all study materials into manageable sections that will make studying more convenient than looking through the entire chapter. Use bold headings for different information sections, and consider organizing things into a bullet list for quick and efficient access. If you’re reviewing for a history final, it might make sense to link all the war sections into a study group, or all the information about various presidents, to search for common themes.

Before making a study guide, ask your teacher if he or she will give you a list of terms, ideas, and even possible essay topics that will be on the exam. Sometimes teachers offer you this information to make it easier for you to create your own study guide. For example, you can do some math problems a day instead of all the time for class. In history, you can actively study your class notes every day for minutes. Therefore, your study time may still be the same, but instead of just preparing for a lesson, prepare for all your short-term classes.

The site also has a diverse content library, multiple study modes, class-based study guides, storage for all your notes, and a real-time self-assessment score that tracks your progress on a topic. And with free mobile apps, StudyBlue can be taken along the way. Seriously, I was asked to do this for every exam, test and questionnaire I’ve given over 15 years.

If you need to connect emotionally with information to understand it, organize your narrative notes to study it better. Translate mathematical concepts into a story you can connect to and organize your study guide as a short story that you can recite to remember the application college help of the formulas. To avoid this stress, prepare your study material the night before. Find textbooks, notebooks, writing utensils and everything else you need and put them in your backpack. Then go to sleep with the great knowledge that you are prepared for the next day.

Remember, don’t just check how you solved the problem the first time. Instead, rewrite the problem, hide your notes and fix it all over again. This ensures that you use information in memory and that you really understand the concepts. While the standard study method is reading class notes, this is actually one of the least effective ways to learn and remember information. You will notice that they all actively learn, actively reworking the material, rather than just passively reading the notes. Active study has proven to be a much more effective way to understand and store information, which is what we recommend for each test you are preparing for.