The Ultimate Permanent Makeup Guide

Once the permanent eyeliner has been injected into the skin, the artist must sterilize the area. They will use drops of saline to disinfect and clean the eyelids of pigment that may have entered during the procedure. The artist then applies a topical antibiotic to the eyelids that accelerate the healing process.

After your first session and touch-up, the lip blush results should last 2 to 5 years. Additional crafts may be required depending on the person and the desired appearance. To ensure better pigment color retention, it is recommended to exfoliate your lips the week before the procedure with a soft toothbrush, paper towel or damp paper towel.

Even if you choose to join a cosmetic tattoo artist without medical training, talk to your dermatologist to make sure your skin is tattooed. “Microblading only looks great when you can get fine details,” says Bray. “People with oily skin will not heal with the crispy strokes you need to get a natural look.” Each individual heals at a different rate, meaning there is no exact number of days before customers can start wearing makeup and use skincare products again. We generally recommend allowing a period of seven to ten days for the skin to heal naturally. Do not attempt to apply products within or around the treatment area if there are still swelling, tenderness or crusts.

Lip blush is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that enhances the beauty of the natural color of the lips, improves the shape of the lips and provides definition and illusion of the full lips. The lip blush gives your lips 30% more volume than the longest, unlike lip fillers. Lip blush is an extremely popular semi-permanent makeup treatment that offers color color and defines lip contours. Blush is a very effective way to dress lips, because naturally pale lips can immediately get a dramatic new look.

Salt is an ingredient used to remove cosmetic tattoos, so let the skin heal before you start exercising again. Unlike eyebrows, the semi-permanent eyeliner is placed on a part of the skin that is sensitive and easily irritated. The qualified and professional team at Bianco Beauty will always take additional precautions when applying a semi-permanent eyeliner to avoid uncomfortable side effects.

“People claim different techniques for marketing purposes,” says Bray. Other techniques still fall under the umbrella of natural-looking hair strokes, and the most important thing is to study examples of your artist’s work and make sure you’re a fanatic before booking microblading brows an appointment. In recent years, semi-permanent lipmake-up, also known as a lipblush, has become extremely popular with our customers. Choose from a selection of vibrant and subtle colors, with our professional team that can also combine your favorite lipstick!

Our machines and equipment are designed to help our users achieve their fantastic goal so that people look their best. We supply all the additional supplies needed to operate our equipment, such as permanent makeup needles, pigments, inks, needle caps, needle sleeves, exercise skin, parts, pens, pigmentation rings, adapters and more. If the cosmetic tattoo covers a small area and generally has a single color, the patient may need only one procedure. Treatment lasts between 20 minutes and an hour, but is difficult to determine because the duration depends on more factors.

Dark cosmetic tattoos such as the eyeliner last longer, while lighter ones such as lip or eyebrow lines only last 5 years. “Many customers turn to permanent makeup so they can reduce their morning routine, while others turn to a solution when they feel uncomfortable applying makeup,” explains Bray. “Some love the idea of perfecting their basic look with permanent makeup and then building with current makeup for a more glamorous look. Allergy customers for many topical makeup ingredients turn to permanent makeup as a solution to reactions. Swain says that ultimately the difference between permanent and semi-permanent makeup lies in the technique of applying the pigment, whether done with digital equipment or by hand.