This weekend New World gold will be available for free to all players

New World, Amazon’s entry into the popular massively multiplayer online game genre, is now available for free trial on Steam from Thursday until Monday.

The game, which first launched in June 2021, has seen a decrease in the number of players in recent months. Due to the fact that new content was added to the game only a few days ago, now is the best time for new players to give it a try for themselves.

Players will have unlimited access to the game during this Steam Free Weekend, allowing them to explore as much content as they want before the time limit expires. If you have enjoyed your time in Aeternum, you can purchase either the standard or deluxe versions of the game at a 40 percent discount if you wish to continue playing.

Even if you’ve already purchased a copy of buy new world gold, there is still some value in taking advantage of this weekend’s deals. Currently active players will be able to obtain a Black Bear Pelt Rug Housing Item, which will be available until April 18.

Will the progress made in the New World continue after the free weekend?

Following the free weekend, those who upgrade to the new world gold version of the game will be able to use the characters they created during the weekend’s free play. As a result, you will not be able to create a character on all servers, but you will still have a wide variety of options.

This Steam Free Weekend will begin on the same day that the game’s 1.4.1 update is made available to players. A number of issues with the world experience, the Depths expedition, and progression have been addressed in this latest patch.

In addition, several changes to the New World UI have been made in preparation for the Steam Free Weekend. You can find the complete list of patch notes right here.

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