Choose LED Lights for Your Home

If you care about the environment and saving money then it’s time you switched to LED lights. Conventional bulbs are so last century and everyone who’s anyone is switching to LED; so read on to find out all about the benefits.

What is LED?

An LED or Light Emitting Diode is the modern answer to household lighting needs. However, LED’s have been around for a long time; for example or TV remotes, digital devices and of course, Christmas trees!

However, today’s LED bulbs can be fitted all around the home and in the garden. They produce a more eco-friendly and energy saving light than traditional bulbs or even halogen.

Why Choose LED?

Longer Lasting

LED light bulbs last much longer than conventional bulbs and they never explode when they run out as some cheaper bulbs do. Each bulb has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, which means if you left your light on for eight hours a day, it would last around 20 years. Some conventional bulbs don’t even last 20 weeks. Although like for like, LED lights are more expensive than older style bulbs, when you consider that you may not ever need to replace a bulb they’re actually much cheaper.

More Efficient

Up to 90% of the energy used to run an LED bulb is converted into light, whilst old bulbs only convert around 20% of the energy they use into light, the rest is given off as heat. This not only means that LED bulbs are more efficient, it also means they’re safer. LED lights don’t get hot there’s no danger of them causing an object touching them or near them to catch fire. They’re perfect for using in alcoves, to illuminate wardrobes or under shelving where traditional bulbs would simply get too hot.

More Eco Friendly

As LED uses so little energy lights can easily be solar powered – especially in gardens, which means you can illuminate your outdoor spaces without having to spend a penny. In addition, all in one solar street light are hard wearing, durable and shock resistant, unlike fragile glass bulbs. They can also withstand extremes of temperature, making them even more perfect for British gardens! When it comes to getting rid of LED bulbs (not that you’ll need to for another two decades) they don’t contain harmful substances such as mercury, which is often included in conventional bulbs and they’re 100% recyclable.

Low UV – Low Infrared

We’re just starting to scratch the surface of UV light, but most scientists contest that too much exposure is not a good thing. LED lights give very low UV emissions so they’re perfect for people with light sensitivity or for using in spaces where UV could be damaging, for example in art galleries.

Cheap to Buy

Thanks to advances in technology and the manufacturing process, LED lights are now relatively cheap to buy, which means you can take advantage of all the benefits of LED lights without having to break the bank.

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