The Backside Illumination Sensor Market Will Be Prosperous

Driven by the iPhone 4, the application of the backside illumination sensor is becoming wider and wider nowadays. Other Smart Phones also begins to use this component. This component is one of the CMOS image sensors, which is used to improve the image noise. This component is different from the traditional one, which moves down the upper part of the image sensor, putting the colored filter and lens back of the photographic sensor. This new model is able to increase the lighting sensitivity and improve the efficiency. Meanwhile, the broader angle can make the shot and the photographic thin. Therefore, the component is more suitable for the Smart Phone.

It is predicated that the shipment of the component, which is applied for the high-middle level, will reach 33.4million groups, the market scale will expand ten times in the future four years. Seventy five percent of the Smart Phone will apply the it in the year of 2014, while the ratio is only fourteen percent in this year. The increasing of the backside illumination sensor is related to the recovery of the entire image sensor market. Apart from the Smart Phone industry, more and more fields start to apply this component, for instance, some low cost cameras also use this component because the price of backside illumination sensor is reducing,

Compared with the traditional frontside illumination sensor, the backside illumination sensor supports the high-definition video recording function. The light sensitivity of the backside illumination sensor is thirty percent more than the traditional one, which has improved the color and lighting efficiency greatly. After the iPhone 4, other famous brands will release their new products which use this component. All in all, the backside illumination sensor will have a large market in the future years, which will bring people better experience.

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