New Generation Electronic Temperature Controllers

The new generation electronic temperature controller is far above the traditional thermal solutions, mechanical and electromechanical thermostats. The key feature of their innovation is remote digital temperature sensor that can sense temperatures up to 400 feet away. They are complete with a standard digital display and a keypad that allows user to adjust temperature settings and select set point temperatures. The electronic temperature controller also contains diagnostic programs that check for hardware, system and software problems.

In this class of controllers is the Ranco ETC commercial temperature controller. It’s also packed with surprising features including selectable heating/cooling modes, multi voltage input and wide temperature ranges. Still in this class is the prewired model that can be used in incubators and aquarium chillers. Top advantage of the above devices is their easy to install and easy to use feature. Only one finger is needed to install them. There is also the revolutionary Electronic temperature controllers’ type ETCIL designed for household appliances. These are accurate and highly precise as their temperature control is independent of Barometric pressure. This accuracy is combined by narrow tolerance and close differentials. They also have low energy consumption and additionally built in timers that enhance their functionality. These ETCIL’s have been produced by Danfoss.

Electronic temperature controllers have also pioneered in the use of micro-controllers and microprocessors. All these are used for heat control in digital temperature controllers. Most of these digital controllers are micro-controller based digital temperature devices. These include simple digital thermometers used in laboratories, furnace control and chilling plants. We also have digital linear zed temperature indicator and controllers used for police protection. There is also digital portable thermometers designed for industrial use, measuring liquid, powder and grain temperatures and also gas and air temperatures. They also measure vibrating surface temperatures. Other digital devices include profile controllers which are used for controlling process parameter against time. They have an on/off, P, PI, PID control algorithm with programmable constants. They also have 100 programs of 16 steps each. Digital counters are also another micro controller’s based device. This is a semi conductor device used for counting the number of times a digital event has occurred. Ramp soak controllers are also other important devices utilizing micro-controllers. They control the rise of temperature and then maintain it at programmable value for a programmable time called the soak time. They have PID control algorithms, dual display of set point and current temperatures and their rate in rise of temperature is programmable.

Micro-controller based circuitry is also employed by a midity controller. This device is used for temperature and humidity control. It has an RTD for dry/wet bulb technique and can accept input from different type of humidity sensors. They also have a PID control algorithm, NV Ram to retain set points in case of power failure, two row four digit LED display for parameter indication and control parameters are user configurable on site. This instrument finds relevant use in meteorological stations, pharmaceutical companies and green houses and like the electronic temperature controller it’s a contemporary invention in this field.

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